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  • Mr.Gopinath natarajan
    In the first place i would like to thank your Academy for all the support and guidance throughout the entire programme. The timely suggestions and adv...
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  • Mrs.Priya Kannan
    I am Priya Kannan, both my children went to APPOLO ACADEMY for entrance coaching. They have excellent teachers who prepare the students very well to w...
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  • Keerthana

    I am Keerthana. Really I am proud to join in this academy. In this class I learn so much things. The masters teach very well. Really they motivate us. And we happy to get that kind of experienced faculties. This academy has really done their job very well.

  • Sivakala

    Classes are very interesting. The teachers are explaining well enough. I was able to understand very well. This is a very good institution with very wonderful staffs and organizers.

  • M.GunaShalini

    Classes were useful at NEET point of view. Brushing up basics was useful.

  • Abhijit Bharathan

    The class that we had attended was indeed a one to be cherish. We were able to complete our mission to accumulate all the knowledge. But we believe that by now we are not who we were before. Now that our path has been enlightened. We know how to proceed . Especially our Chemistry and Biology Class were indeed good and more knowledge was shared. Thanking you.

  • Tharik Rahman

    This crash course class was very helpful to recollect my previous portions and also to gain extra knowledge. All our classes were more than enough. Sachin sir and Christopher sir helped us more than we needed. I hope that this one month course would have been very helpful to me. Thanking you.

  • Sruthi Sakthivel

    Appolo Academy has offered me a very good learning experience. Within this short span of one month. I actually gained a sound knowledge of representing an exam. The staffs encouraged us a lot and made us feel the most comfortable in the class. Chemistry class by Prince Sir was good. I have learnt, the concepts, the examples will surely help me in the process of learning. Once again, I sincerely thank all the faculties for giving me a wonderful experience. I also thank the coordinator
    for giving me such an opportunity.

  • R. Indumathi

    It was a very good experience here. Though it was a month’s course the teacher tried to bring in our thinking skills, which we have lost in the few years. Especially, Biology class was too good. As students, we usually get distracted in class at times, But the faculties kept us interactive, interesting and attentive throughout the session. I am sure the concepts and theories I learnt here will help me to clear the entrance. Will keep missing Sabarish sir a lot. Chemistry sir was also good, He was more friendly. Physics session by Dr. Mukunthan Sir was good. I liked him better. Thank you for all the experience.

  • Pavithra Lakhsmi

    The coaching class was so effective and useful. The teachers were very motivating and inspiring. The class rooms were comfortable. The coaching class was informative. The classmates were also friendly. Thanking you for the informative programme.

  • Rathnakumar

    I Have joined for MBBS coaching in this academy for one month. The faculties who came to coach us are more efficient and wonderful persons. So I have enjoyed my class very well and I got more knowledge. They make the class very interesting.

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